About us

Giovanni Primo and IONEL - for men

Bella Prima and IONEL - for women

The company manufactures products for such successful brands as Gerry Weber, Villa Vasari Gold, Ugo’s Collection, Tommy Hilfiger, Hackett London, Sand Pink, David Scott, J.W. Sax, Pizza Roma, Patrizia Pepe, Hildebrand, J.W. Tabacchi, Oviesse, Armani, Alexandrini, Rich & Royal, ESPRIT, Devred, and Celio.

The factory has won the Trademark of the Year Contest held in the Republic of Moldova for a number of times. It holds the main prize - the Golden Mercury.

Brief History of the Company

1945 - The garment factory began its existence. The staff of the factory consisted of 50 people and 15 sewing machines.

1954 - The buildings where the factory is located today were commissioned.

1966 - The factory was awarded the title of an Enterprise with a High Level of Culture. The products were manufactured according to the highest quality methods.

1972 - The enterprise merged with Bolshevik Factory, and the collective increased to 3 700 workers.

1985 - The staff of the factory numbered 4 thousand people. The main assortment consisted of men’s suits, boys’ suits, men’s coats, men’s and boys’ trousers, headdresses, and overalls.

1987 - The factory was technically re-equipped, which allowed making a transition to transition to the computer pattern layout system and tailoring men’s suits according to the Italian technology.

1993 - The garment factory was transformed into Ionel Joint Stock Company with a mixed form of ownership.

1999 - Ionel Joint Stock Company became fully privatized, with a significant share of the factory staff’s property.

2002 - ISO-9001: 2000 Quality Management System was implemented.

2012 - The enterprise implemented SAPR system of automatic designing of clothes. It is an enterprise with an extensive experience and a high ability to manufacture high-quality products. The factory produces and sells classic outerwear under its own three brands.

2015 - Ionel Factory turned 70 in September. The enterprise was awarded Gloria muncii (Glory of Labor) Order pursuant to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Moldova.

2016 - Ionel Factory received a record number of awards at the annual contest of the Chamber of Trade and Commerce of the Republic of Moldova titled the Trademark of the Year:

- Ionel Brand: the Golden Mercury in the Reputation and Trust nomination;

- Ionel Factory: the Golden Mercury in the Export nomination;

- Giovanni Primo Brand: the Golden Mercury in the Honored Trademark nomination;

- Ionel Factory: a gold medal in the sphere of quality.