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Buy school uniforms at IONEL stores! Take advantage of a diverse assortment and great prices!

For girls and boys, for the smallest who are the first to step on the threshold of the school, as well as for high school students! The IONEL school uniform is a commitment to tradition combined with the latest fashion trends. Suits, trousers, jackets or skirts, all outfits are emphasized by a unique design, elegance and modern style. Checkered or monochrome fabrics not only love children and make bets, but also remain an actual choice in recent years. The models are comfortable, practical and of high quality! In our school uniform, children feel comfortable all day!

Get ready for school with us!

📌 Bulgarian street, 47, entrance from M street, Varlaam;

📌 st. Decebal, 99, C.C. "ELAT" goal. 25, floor 3;

📌 st. I. Creanga, 49, C.C. "Iuscom," but. eight;

📌 bd. Stephen the Great, 128;

📌 st. Kalya Yeshilor, 8, C.C. "Dawn";

📌 bd Stefan cel Mare, 83, Fashion store

📌 C.C "Unique", Bd. Celtefan cel Mare, 8, 3 floor;

📞 Phone: +373 (22) 85-41-27, +373 (22) 85-41-26

School uniform for boys

School uniform for boys - comfortable, practical, elegant!

                                     Ladies and gentlemen!

JSC "Ionel" every year offers you a collection of school uniforms for boys.

 We give your children wonderful moments of life, spent in comfortable and high-quality clothes! Mandatory school uniform returns to many educational institutions in the country, and today parents have an excellent opportunity to instill good taste, a habit of discipline and accuracy to their children, as well as give the ability to wear strict suits.

JSC "Ionel" is the oldest and leading production of school uniforms in Moldova. The uniform for the school is made only from high-quality materials, meets all the mandatory sanitary standards and is certified in accordance with GOST.

The IaMania festival

06.07.2019 S.A "Ionel" will take part in the IaMania festival on Holercani village. The festival will be held between 11.00-22.00, entrance from 8.00-11.00. We are waiting for you!

Elegant Prom Dress

Getting ready for graduation! Only from 10 to 23 June in IONEL stores discounts on all men's suits.

Come and choose! We have a large assortment of quality men's suits.

47 str., Bulgaria, entrance from M, Varlaam str.

  Decebal str., 99, C.C. "ELAT" but. 25, et. 3;

  I. Creangă str., 49, C.C. "Iuscom", but. 8;

  bd. Stefan cel Mare, 128;

  Calea Iesilor Street, 8, C.C. "Dawn";

  bd. Stefan cel Mare, 83, shop "Moda"

  C.C "Unique", bd. Stefan cel Mare, 8, 3rd floor;

  Tel .: +373 (22) 85-41-27, +373 (22) 85-41-26



To the attention of shareholders FACTORY IONEL

SA IONEL informs you that in the period from 10/16/2019 to 12/15/2019 the share register of the company from the Registered company SA FINANCE GROUP will be transferred to the United Central Securities Depository. Thus, each shareholder has the right, in accordance with the law, to verify the accuracy of data relating to shares owned by the Company of the registry, prior to the commencement of the relevant transfer procedure.

If you find any inconsistencies regarding the number of securities and / or their owner, please contact the registry or the issuing company.


For Registration Company: SA FINANCIAL GROUP, MD-2001, mun. Chisinau, str. Ismail, 88/1, tel. (022) 27-18-45.

For the issuer: SA IONEL, CONFECTIONERY, MD-2001, mun. Chisinau, ul. Bulgar, 47, tel. (022) 85-88-13, (022) 85-88-05.

Disproof of the article Factory Ionel

Dear Dmitry Vasilievich!

The administration of the factory “IONEL” is very displeased that the article entitled “Factory Ionel” reduces turnover in point.md is not true. Some of the information was taken from the newspaper “CAPITAL Market” from the report of this year, and some from sources from previous years.


Currently the factory director Lukyan Tamara is not the founder of SRL „OCALIBREX” and 28.5% of the shares are no longer owned by it.

 The name of the foreign companies we work with at the present time does not correspond, the data is outdated.

 Regarding branded stores: it’s not accurate data from eight years ago, but we never had any stores in Donduseni and the number of outlets is also not true.

The number of models was not even discussed at the shareholders meeting.

Products with factory brands were shipped to Romania, Italy, Uzbekistan, and shipment to Norway was made three years ago.

Also shocking is not a professional approach to the title of the article. The IONEL factory did not reduce turnover, and the turnover continues to work stably even in difficult conditions with a decrease in the number and fall in the exchange rate of foreign currencies. At the end of 2018, labor productivity increased by more than 5% and the volume of production in comparable conditions for the existing number also increased. At the moment, the company is profitable and financially stable, does not depend on borrowed capital, which is confirmed by the accounting report.

At this difficult time, when many economic agents go with a shortage of manpower - the factory pays dividends to its shareholders (10,964 shareholders) every year and it seems to us that the press should support local producers who are really engaged in business production and contribute considerable sums to the budgets of the Republic and not to issue articles using inaccurate outdated data with a margin from reality in the economy of the Republic.

The heading should be as follows: “In difficult conditions, the factory ended the year with good performance”

Unfortunately, the whole team is outraged by this misinformation. Do not you think that with this approach, the image of your newspaper falls.

I ask you to urgently refute and agree all the figures and justifications with the director of JSC IONEL, since the factory is a private enterprise that has been privatized by the factory team and all texts must be coordinated with us.

Easter Discounts

S.A."Ionel" organizes "Easter Discounts" from 04.24.2019 to 04.05.2019 for more information we are waiting for you in all stores of S.A."Ionel".

📌str. Bulgarian, 47, the entrance from M, Varlaam;

📌str. Decebal, 99, C.C. "ELAT" but. 25, et. 3;

📌str. I. Creangă, 49, C.C. "Iuscom", but. 8;

📌bd. Stefan cel Mare, 128;

📌str. Calea Iesilor, 8, C.C. "Dawn";

📌bd. Stefan cel Mare, 83, shop "Moda"

📌C.C "Unic", bd. Stefan cel Mare, 8, 3rd floor;

📞Tel .: +373 (22) 85-41-27, +373 (22) 85-41-26

Moldova Fashion Days SS19

The clothes factory "Ionel" presented a new collection of clothes for men and women together with the most famous brands of Moldova at "Moldova Fashion Days SS'19". The entire range of clothing can be purchased at all "Ionel" stores.

Liquidation of stock

Most SALE !!!

Factory IONEL announces the elimination of specialties !!! up to - 70% for bathrobes and suits for medical workers, employees of industrial enterprises and the service sector

Save on buying quality workwear!

For additional information call the following numbers:

📞 022-85-88-27, 022-85-05

📌 st. Bulgarian, 47, entrance from Metropolitan Barlaam Street; ⠀

📌bul. Decebal, 99, T.Ts. "ELAT" bottles 25, 3rd floor; ⠀

📌 st. I. Kreanghe, 49, T.Ts. "Iuscom", bottle 8; ⠀

📌bul. Stefan cel Mare, 128; ⠀

📌bul. PC. cel Mare, 83, shop "Fashion"; ⠀

📌 st. Kalya Yesilor, T.Ts. "Zorile", booth. 8, 2 floor; ⠀

📌Т.Ц. "Unic" Blvd. Stefan cel Mare, 8, 3rd floor;

Stock Liquidation of stocks

Buy items from 1500 lei from the collection with discounts and get a voucher for 200 lei (for future purchases)

The period of the action is from 04.04.2013.05.2011.

Voucher is valid for 1 year.

Spring action

Do not miss the spring action for the whole range of ladies pants and benefit from a 15% discount on March 15-31.

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