New Years Discounts

On the eve of the New Year 29.12.2018-30.12.2018 factory S.A."Ionel" carries out the action "You buy more - more discount".

To each buyer when buying products of the S.A."Ionel". Discount on sales receipt:

-when you buy a single product in the men's range, a 10% discount

-when buying two products for men assortment, 15% discount

-when buying three products for men assortment, 20% discount

-when you buy one product of the female assortment, 10% discount

-when you buy two products of the female assortment, a 15% discount

-when buying two or more products of the male and female assortment, 15% discount

We are waiting for you in all stores of the factory S.A."Ionel".