Exposition Made in Moldova 2019

Tamara Luchian: "Do not sit on the spot is the main principle of the Ionel factory strategy."

The exhibition "Made in Moldova 2019" garment factory Ionel presented to the public a series of 40 products from new collections of clothing for men and women who meet the latest European fashions and the prices quite affordable. This internal enterprise, which began in 1945, occupies a leading position in its field today.

The Director-General of the Ionel plant, the owner of the Tamara Luchian Order, explains:

- Do not stand still is the main principle of Ionel's strategy. The management and specialists of our company regularly participate not only at national exhibitions, but also at many foreign exhibitions, fashion festivals, where we often find new partners, we enter into collaboration agreements with them. It is interesting and profitable for us to work for western consumers. So we stick for famous brands in Italy, France, Romania, Germany and other countries. Every product made for these customers is necessarily "Made in Moldova". Our company has implemented an ISO - 9001: 2008 quality management system and SAPR 's automatic design system.

            But one of the priorities of the Ionel factory is the desire to thank compatriots for new models. I think all Moldovans should know that the sewing business leaders in our company produce only high-quality, elegant and comfortable things for which we use the fabrics and accessories of renowned foreign manufacturers. The men's and women's clothing models presented at our exhibition stand are made of similar fabrics, using the latest developments in the color range, the corresponding colors of nature and colors in a cage.

            A lot of people come to the well-decorated exhibition of the Ionel factory. The company's stand demonstrates the clothing of three brands from IONEL and Giovanni Primo (men's clothing), Prima Bella (women's clothing). Here is a campaign that will last until the end of February in the network of shops and boutiques. This is a 20% reduction in the price of men's clothing and a 15% discount on women's clothing. For buyers, it's just as exciting that they can get discount cards when they buy more products.

"Ionel, which we intend to expand, has decided to make a total campaign called Black Friday with a huge price cut," says Tamara Valentinovna. This is Ca 'da Mosto, Venice. We do commands for their Seventy brand. A contract has already been signed for the manufacture of 13,000 men's and women's clothing. At the beginning of the week, a contract was signed with one of the French women's tailoring firms. In the coming months, Ionel tailors intend to participate in the Moscow Fair and the Romanian exhibition.

Moldovan customers should know that our factory produces clothes both for Europe and for the domestic market. It is sewn on the same technological lines, through the hands of the craftsmen of our factory. Moldovan consumers receive high-quality products at affordable prices. I advise you, do not try to buy clothes only abroad. Estimate dignified work and local sewage talent.

                        By the way, Ionel visited the cabin, a delegation of guests, where some men were dressed in the costumes of Ionel. The Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova, Sergiu Kharya, positively evaluating the activity and activity of the company's team, a regular participant in the exhibition forum, said:

- The current National Exhibition takes place under the common slogan "Made in Moldova - made for you!". This is because the main purpose of its exposure is to support domestic producers, to promote competitive products on the domestic and foreign markets, to attract investment and to intensify public-private dialogue.

                                                                                                                Marina Shimanovskaya