Ar putea fi o imagine cu 2 persoane, persoane în picioare, îmbrăcăminte de exterior şi text care spune „REDUCERI -15% 15 -20%”

Come to any of the IONEL stores and take advantage of favorable prices on the entire range of coats and short coats.

❗ The promotion is valid from 01/18/2021 to 01/31/2021!

📌str. Bulgarian, 47, entrance along M street, Varlaam;

📌str. Decebal, 99, C.C. "ELAT", but. 68, et. 3;

📌bd. Stephen the Great, 128;

📌str. Calea Ieșilor, 8, C.C. "Dawn";

📌bd. Stefan cel Mare, 83, "Moda" store

📌C.C "Unic", bldg. Stephen the Great, 8, 3rd floor;

📞Tel .: +373 (22) 85-41-27, +373 (22) 85-41-26

О нас

Men’sand women’s suits are intellectual products; manufacturing them requires a lotof effort, knowledge, diligence, and a well-equipped production base. Classicalsuits give you individuality and attractiveness. Original and fashionable businesssuits are a necessary element in the life of modern men and women. The collection of clothes produced by our company is fashionable, high-quality, and affordable. The products of the company comply with fashionable trends and consumer demand. Modern design and high quality contribute to long-term partnerships with companies from Italy, America, Germany, Canada, France, and Romania. Designers and technologists work creatively, taking modern trends of fashion into account. Long-term specialization, extensive experience, professionalism of the employees, and global re-equipment of the factory using new modern technological devices from leading European companies such as Pfaff, Durkopp, Juky, Rimoldi, Rotondi, Macpi, Hoffman, and Brisay have made us leaders at both domestic and international markets.